Adult Learners


Mature students choose to return to part-time or full-time education for a number of reasons and that is despite the fact that many of them have other responsibilities and commitments. Entering college for the first time or returning after many years can be a daunting prospect and can often lead to a change in their financial situation and sacrifices in their leisure times.
Many mature students lack confidence in their ability to meet the formal demands of third-level education, such as writing essays, taking examinations, presenting seminars and discussing topics in tutorials. In fact, there is often a fear of failure, due to negative experiences in their educational background. Some students also have a basic fear of taking examinations. This is hardly surprising, considering that most of the students have not taken an examination for a number of years. All these factors might discourage a potential mature student from considering further education.

Home tutors can help mature students cope with this uneasy transition by providing them with expert tutors in whichever courses they wish to pursue and for whatever goals they wish to achieve.
Every year our team of experienced tutors deliver quality home tutoring to struggling mature students. From literacy and numeracy to languages and business, home tuition can be the ideal setting and also the most efficient support available to the mature student.

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