Business And Accounting


Business and Accountancy teach the skills and knowledge needed to understand how business works and provides many third level options for students wishing to pursue careers in this sector. For these two specialised subjects we can provide tutors who are experienced professionals and fully conversant in all aspects of the syllabus.
Our tutors can deliver home tutoring to students of all abilities and at all levels so that they can improve on their weaker topics and ultimately achieve higher grades in their exams.

Junior Certificate Business:
We provide specialist tutoring that meets the core aims of the syllabus which are:

• To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education at the junior cycle level.
• To develop, in each student, habits and methods of investigation, analysis and problem solving at an appropriate level.
• To familiarize each student with technological developments in the business environment.
• To provide each student with an appropriate level of economic/business literacy.
• To encourage initiative and develop self-reliance in each student.
• To develop in each student a positive attitude to the creation of wealth and its distribution.
• To provide a foundation for students that would lead to employment/further studies in the business field.

We structure our tutoring at junior cert ordinary or higher level to reflect the four sections of the syllabus:

• Section One: The Business of Living.
• Section Two: Economic Awareness..
• Section Three: Enterprise.
• Section Four: Information Technology.

Leaving Certificate Business and Accounting:
As both accounting and business are practical and vocationally-oriented courses at leaving certificate ordinary or higher level we aim to tutor them in a straightforward and logical way.

For business we look at:

• The process of setting up a business and developing a new product.
• Developing skills and activities necessary for good management practice.
• The impact of technology, foreign trade, global firms and competition.
• Business structures and the national economy.

For accounting we focus on:

• Enhancing numeracy skills.
• Promoting awareness of the use of figures, computations and statistics in the business and enterprise world.
Tutoring in business and accounting aims to develop self-reliance, mental organization and agility, clear and logical thinking, planning habits, methods of investigation and processes whereby accuracy can be ensured.

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