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Economics is regarded as the most practical business subject and is the study of how people manage limited resources such as money, to meet their goals. While it is not an essential requirement for any courses in the CAO system, economics has become the subject choice for a growing number of Leaving Certificate students considering a future career in financial and marketing sectors. Consequently the demand for home tutoring in Economics has also increased.

Our home tutors are fully acquainted with the Leaving Cert Economics syllabus and can provide tutoring to help students who experience difficulties with various topics of the subject.
Tutored students will typically attain higher marks in their Leaving Certificate examination.

Leaving Certificate Economics:
Our tutors aim to deliver tutoring in line with the syllabus at both ordinary and higher levels, under the main headings:

• Production and Consumption.
• Economic System and Economic Thought.
• Demand and Supply.
• Price and Output.
• Factor Incomes.
• Determination of National Income and its Fluctuations.
• Money and Banking.
• The Government in the Economy.
• Inflation.
• International Trade and Payments.
• Economics of Population.
• Economic Growth and Development.
• Economic Policies, Problems and Conflicts.

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