Are Home Tutors a franchise?

Home tutors is not a franchise, we are registered and based in Ireland. Typically, educational franchisors operate from abroad and therefore have a very poor understanding of the Irish education system.

How can I monitor my child’s progress?

Tutors will file a progress report for every completed session which can be accessed by parents on a regular basis. Typical progress reports provide details of the topic covered during the session  as well as notes on the students performance and progress and also details of homework given to the student.  In addition, we keep regular contact with our tutors in order to monitor their students.

What happens if our first tutor isn’t right for us?

We have a broad team of tutors so in the event that you feel your first tutor isn’t the best fit we will assign another. We usually do get it right first time around but if we don’t we’ll always work hard to find the right solution for you.

How do I pay for the service?

Home Tutors offer easy payment plans and payment is made directly to us. Payment is normally made on a monthly basis by debit or credit card, electronic transfer or direct debit. We issue receipts for each transaction. Please note that our tutors are not permitted to collect payments.


When can the tutor come to my house to teach?

That depends entirely on the student, most tuition happens between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays but can also take place on weekends too. We will always select a tutor that can attend lessons at times that fit with your schedule.

What happens after the consultation?

Once the student has enrolled it may take up to five days to assign the tutor. As soon as we have selected the tutor we will confirm the details to you. The tutor will then contact you directly to introduce themselves and arrange the first tutoring session.

What will happen during my home consultation?

The consultation is a way for us to get a clear understanding of our students individual needs. Here you can explain to us why you feel the need for a home tutor as well as what your expectations are. During the consultation we record as much information as possible and use this to match the most suitable tutor. As part of the tutor selection process it is also important for us to understand your schedule and determine what days and times are most convenient.

How do I arrange an enrollment?

We do it for you. Following your initial inquiry we will conduct a free no obligation in-home consultation. The consultation allows us to gain a clear understanding of the students academic requirements and expectations. Once a student has enrolled we will then assign the most suitable tutor. Tuition can usually begin within one week from the date of enrollment.

What subjects do you cover?

We cover all school subjects at all levels and can also assign tutors for mature students. Our tutors are also well versed in exam preparation and fully understand the specific requirements of each examination board.

Agencies vs independent tutors, what are the key differences?

With an online tutor directory none of the tutors are screened or background checked by a third party and all work independently. This means that when trying to find a tutor, parents would need to select a few possible candidates and interview each one to determine which would be the best fit. Then, parents would need to carry out their own checks on the tutor as well. With home tutors we take care of all that for you, so your service is with us and not completely reliant on an individual tutor. If a tutor moves on or your needs change we simply send out a replacement, meaning your service is always reliable. Also, unlike independent directories our tutors work within the professional guidelines we set out, which means the standard is consistently high.