History And Geography


In general, there appears to be less demand for home tutoring in History and Geography. However the relevance of these subjects for third level courses and career possibilities should not be underestimated.
Both History and Geography are subjects which require a lot of memory work, consequently our specialist tutors can provide individual tutoring that will help the student focus on techniques to improve memory retention and reinforce learning.
Students who avail of home tutoring in these subjects usually achieve higher exam grades.

Junior and Leaving Certificate History:
We provide specialist tutoring, whether at ordinary or higher level, that meets the core aims of the syllabus. Our tutors will ensure that students:

• Understand the contemporary world through the study of the past.
• Develop conceptual understanding and the ability to think independently.
• Develop a range of skills essential for the study of history.
• Acquire knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past.
• Develop positive attitudes such as a commitment to objectivity and fairness.
• Are encouraged to develop an interest and enthusiasm for history and a value of their heritage.

Junior and Leaving Certificate Geography:
Geography makes an important contribution towards enabling young people to function more effectively as members of society.
We provide specialist tutoring for students, whether at ordinary or higher level, that meets the core aims of the syllabus which are:

• The human habitat-processes and change.
• Population, settlement patterns and urbanisation.
• Patterns in economic activity.

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