With the new Project Maths revised syllabuses for both Junior and Leaving Certificate mathematics now fully introduced, maths remains one of our most sought after subjects as many students continue to struggle with it. Our maths tutors are fully familiar with the project maths syllabus and take a methodical approach to helping children innately understand every aspect of their maths curriculum, focusing on problem areas and creating the skills necessary to turn understanding into exam success and practical ability for life after school.
Beginning with an initial assessment, our tutors can quickly identify specific areas of weakness and tailor lessons that will build a strong, confident understanding of the subject.
Last year, over 90% of the students we tutored exceeded their expected grade.

Primary Level Mathematics:

Home tuition can supplement the recommended daily maths lesson to develop the pupil’s mathematical thinking and number skills. It is important to ensure that your child does not lose their way in maths education by not grasping the fundamentals early on. Some children develop a better understanding of numbers than others, but you can support your child outside of the classroom using a home tutor to create opportunities for them to explore number concepts at home in a fun way, for example measuring their height and working out how much they’ve grown, counting objects, weighing things in the kitchen or learning their tables through song.

Junior Certificate Mathematics:
Maths teaching at junior certificate level focuses on developing the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding that students have gained from primary school, applying maths to real life situations, developing problem-solving skills and fostering a positive attitude to maths.

We tutor in all five strands that make up the Junior Certificate Mathematics syllabus.

• Statistics and Probability.
• Geometry and Trigonometry.
• Numeracy.
• Algebra.
• Functions.
Tutoring is adjusted to reflect all three levels in which the syllabus is delivered; Foundation, Ordinary and Higher levels.

Leaving Certificate Mathematics:

Mathematics teaching at leaving certificate level builds on the learning at junior certificate level and develops mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, life and work. Through their study of mathematics, students develop a flexible, disciplined way of thinking which enables them to solve problems in mathematical and real world contexts.
In addition to covering all five strands that make up leaving certificate mathematics, our tutors deliver tutoring
at the same three levels as the syllabus; Foundation, Ordinary, Higher levels.

Leaving Certificate Applied Mathematics:

Applied mathematics is an important subject for students wishing to pursue a career in engineering. The syllabus here is concerned with the mathematics behind the behaviour of objects when placed in various situations and covers ten topics. Through their study of applied mathematics students can develop strong problem solving skills which are valuable for future employment.
Our tutors are fully familiar with the syllabus and can deliver tutoring at both ordinary and higher levels.

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