Why Choose One To One Online Tuition?

The tutoring process remains the same, whether you are online or offline. Every student is assessed and carefully matched with the best possible tutor.

One to one online tutoring delivers the same first rate standard that you would expect from in-home tutoring, but with added benefits:

Virtual interactive tuition: Live audio and video links make it easier for tutor and student to talk, write, to sketch and exchange resources on a shared whiteboard in real-time, across devices. So it really feels like they’re in the same room. No need to install complicated software, students join their tutoring sessions live on our online platform.

Saved tutoring sessions: Never forget what you learned. This benefit is especially valuable for students to help them retain new information, and can serve as a review to refresh their memory in time for that critical exam coming up. For this reason alone, many students feel that online tutoring is a better fit for them.

Remote location: When location doesn’t matter, it’s much easier to find a tutor who’s a great match for the student’s academic needs and learning style. No more interruptions to tutoring sessions due to unforeseen events, even during holidays.

Simplified schedule: Online tutoring allows access to far more available time slots, and can be delivered from anywhere once there is a decent internet connection. No more rushing home to tutoring appointments.