Primary level is a decisive phase in the educational development of children as it often affects their academic performance in later years. This is the best time for parents to consider supplementary learning for children who fall behind and begin to struggle in school.

Our qualified and experienced tutors are friendly and can make the learning experience enjoyable, whether this is with general homework support, help in specific subjects or extra stimulation for the gifted child in the form of academic coaching. Some of our tutors are also trained to help children with special needs.

The initial assessment can uncover the areas of difficulties and enable the tutor to provide the best possible academic support for the child.

Children thrive from one-to-one attention, and time and time again we see a feared subject become a favourite one as the child’s skill and confidence inevitably improve.

The most frequently sought after subjects at this age are numeracy and literacy, but we cover all levels of the seven areas of the primary curriculum:

• Arts Education.
• Language.
• Mathematics.
• Physical Education.
• Social Environmental and Scientific Education.
• Religious Education.
• Social Personal and Health Education.

Below are some useful resources for all your educational needs: (Education Material) (State examination Commission) (Unions of Students Ireland) (Parenting Advice, Resources and Support) (Irish Language Resources) (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) (Special Education Support Service) (National Council for Special Education) (Special Needs in Ireland) (Department of Education and Skills) (Courses for Adults) (The National Adult Learning Organisation)