The sciences are hugely important subjects and offer students a wide choice of third level options, whatever their career aspirations. They are also our second most sought after subjects for students needing help at secondary level.
All our tutors have a genuine passion and expertise for their specialist subject; they can quickly assess weak areas in the students’ knowledge of the subject in order to provide an individual home tutoring plan that will enable the student to reach their academic objectives.
One to one home tutoring has proven to be invaluable to both struggling and gifted students.

Primary Level Science:

Science lessons are provided for all children in primary school from junior infants to sixth class and focuses not just on content but on skill development. This is reflected in the tutoring approach from our tutors.
Tutoring encourages the child to work scientifically by investigating and exploring his or her physical and natural surroundings. These first-hand experiences help to find answers to problems by exploring their environment. These activities are all about developing skills of enquiry during this investigative work: observing, asking questions, suggesting explanations, predicting outcomes, planning investigations or experiments to test ideas and drawing conclusions. The emphasis is on designing and making, providing your child with opportunities to apply scientific ideas to everyday situations and problems. Exploring, planning and making models and functional objects in order to solve practical problems.

Our tutoring matches the primary school Science Curriculum and includes four strands:

• Living things.
• Energy and forces.
• Materials.
• Environmental awareness and care.

Junior Certificate Science:
We deliver science grinds for the junior certificate at both ordinary and higher levels. Junior certificate science provides a suitable preparation for the study of one or more science subjects at senior cycle. Tutoring can be provided across all three core science subjects or can focus on one area in particular where there is a specific need e.g. physics.
During our tutoring programmes we stick closely to the science syllabus which is based around three main areas:


• Human Biology – food, digestion and associated body systems.
• Human Biology – the skeletal/muscular system, the senses and human reproduction.
• Animals, plants and micro-organisms.


• Classification of substances.
• Air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.
• Atomic structure, reactions and compounds.


• Heat, light and sound.
• Magnetism, electricity and electronics.
• Force and energy.

Leaving Certificate Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics):
We provide syllabus specific home tutoring support for all three science subjects, which are assessed at ordinary and higher levels for the leaving certificate and so our tutoring can be adjusted to reflect this.
Biology tutoring is broken into three main sections as it is in school:

• The study of life.
• The cell.
• The organism.

Whereas chemistry focuses on:

• Chemical bonding.
• Psychometric, formulas and equations.
• Volumetric analysis.
• Fuels and heats of reaction.
• Rates of reaction.
• Organic chemistry.
• Chemical equilibrium.
• Environmental chemistry.
• Periodic table and atomic structure.

For physics, subject content is presented at Ordinary and Higher levels under the headings:

• Mechanics.
• Temperature.
• Heat.
• Waves.
• Vibrations and sound.
• Light.
• Electricity.
• Modern physics.

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