Special Needs


Home Tutors regularly works with disability support services. We can provide qualified home tutors who have years of experience in helping students with a range of learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and other special needs…

As the pace of study can be overwhelming for students with learning difficulties, parents should always look for support before problems become too difficult to manage.

Every year, our home tutors use their expertise to help students with special needs.The greatest demand is in literacy and numeracy, but we also provide tuition in many other subjects.

Below are some useful resources for all your educational needs:
www.educate.ie (Education Material)
www.examinations.ie (State examination Commission)
www.usi.ie (Unions of Students Ireland)
www.schooldays.ie (Parenting Advice, Resources and Support)
www.gaelscoileanna.ie (Irish Language Resources)
www.ncca.ie (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment)
www.sess.ie (Special Education Support Service)
www.enableireland.ie (National Council for Special Education)
www.specialneedsparents.ie (Special Needs in Ireland)
www.education.ie (Department of Education and Skills)
www.qualifax.ie (Courses for Adults)
www.aontas.com (The National Adult Learning Organisation)