Our free face to face home consultation

All grinds done in your own home at a time that fits your schedule

Students and tutors are personally matched by us to maximize results

Detailed written reports provided to parents after every lesson

Locally based company with a long and proven track record of delivering results

Experienced & qualified tutors. We interview all of or tutors and obtain professional, academic references and Garda vetting

Affordable and practical. Easy payment plans

About Us

Home Tutors is a simple but effective tutoring service, offering so much more than an online independent tutor directory or agency. We have a broad team of outstanding Garda checked tutors, and we interview every single one face to face to make sure they’re right for us and our families.

All of our tutors also work within the professional guidelines we set out, which means we can maintain a consistently high standard that you can always rely on. We also guarantee that we will carefully match the most suitable tutor to every student, every time. The benefits of finding the perfect match between tutor and student are often underestimated, but it really does get results and we’re experts at it. We don’t just pick the nearest available tutor and leave you to get on with it, we stay with you every step of the way – so your service is with us, and not reliant on any individual tutor.

Our unique parent feedback system also demands that our tutors write detailed lesson reports after each lesson; so on the off chance that the tutor moves on, the instant replacement we provide can pick up right where the last tutor left off, meaning there’s no loss of momentum for the student.

What does all this mean for you as a parent? It means no more trawling through lists of independent tutors on the internet who you would then need to interview and background check, and who often don’t even get back to you. It means peace of mind that we are there with you from start to finish working for the good of the student. With all of this in mind, your service with us begins with a FREE, no-obligation consultation in your home with one of our tutor coordinators.

Free Consultation
Why is it So important

Discuss the student’s needs, aspirations and goals

Help us understand the situation fully, so we can match the right tutor

Discuss learning style, so the student can learn in their most comfortable and effective way

Work out a schedule perfectly tailored to your individual needs and availability

Receive an accurate price quote based on this schedule